With drone use experiencing enormous growth, aviation safety regulators, town planners, operators and end users are facing challenges to maintain high levels of safety without unnecessarily impeding progress or unduly constraining commercial opportunities. Drone technology is capable of a multitude of beneficial humanitarian, economic and recreational applications and Aviation Projects will work with clients to ensure the industry and other stakeholders are aware of safety issues and that action is taken to mitigate any potential incidents from occurring.
Aviation Projects is well positioned to provide support to industry in resolving the complexities involved in the growth in scale and scope of operations under development. In particular, we are focused on the securing of airspace approvals for drone operations whilst ensuring that the airspace around airports remains safe for traditional aviation operations. The simple fact is that even a small drone represents a safety impact on aviation and aerodrome safety.

Our work includes:

  • Emergency, traffic and flood incidents
  • Restrictions
  • Misuse and privacy
  • Commercial usage
  • Collision management and response