A strategic investigation is required for Lismore Regional Airport to establish future uses and growth opportunities across its business stimulating economic development. The investigation aims to evaluate existing Regular Public Transport (RPT) opportunities, including possible new routes, expansion of General Aviation presence in Lismore, freight and export opportunities as well as leveraging on existing growth in tourism and training.

The project description provided by Lismore City Council is to undertake a review of the capacity for Lismore Regional Airport to facilitate further operational use and identify the scope of passenger and freight logistics and provide associated business cases.

Work undertaken by Aviation Projects to achieve these goals included :

  • Provide information on the current capacity for commercial passenger flights (RPT) at Lismore Airport include different options, alternative slots, airlines and routes
  • Provide information on compliance changes in the management of Lismore Regional Airport if passenger flights no longer operated
  • Provide information on the current capacity for commercial freight of the Lismore Regional Airport precinct and potential operators
  • Provide information and insight into potential exporters in the Lismore and surrounding districts to their motivations to utilise a commercial air service
  • Provide the basis for further in-depth quantitative research of potential businesses that would utilise the commercial freight from Lismore Regional Airport
  • Provide information on the future capacity and development of general aviation at the Lismore Regional Airport precinct
  • Provide information on the other potential airport uses such as training and tourism
  • Provide business cases/plans (simple) for different airport scenarios (for example changed passenger carrier, additional passenger carriers, no passenger carriers, freight, general aviation, tourism and training)
  • Provide information that could be utilised in the strategic and asset management plans of the Lismore City Council.
Lismore Regional Airport Use and Growth Project