Aviation Projects was asked to assist Swan Hill Rural City Council (SHRCC) in facilitating a workshop to discuss Swan Hill and Robinvale aerodromes, especially in relation to the benefits of completing a master plan.

SHRCC is diligently working towards plans for a community wide outcome in developing and upgrading the aerodromes to ensure they provide safe and efficient operations, broader connectivity, support commercial and recreational use and add economic value to the regional growth. To ensure appropriate and effective planning, design and safeguarding SHRCC is working towards preparing a Master Plan; considering forecast demand, user requirements/needs, local planning and land use, and drivers/opportunities for growth. To facilitate a deeper understanding of the planning context, its benefits and application to the planning, development and wider opportunities at both Aerodromes, a workshop was conducted following an extensive tour of the facilities.

The workshop examined the vision and direction for the aerodromes and their importance with regard to facilitating the region as a major service centre as the “Food Bowl” for Victoria, considering connectivity for the dispersed rural and remote communities, employment and urban growth, tourism and major employers with large, diverse and growing businesses.

Opportunities, constraints, issues, potential solutions, priorities and next steps were identified and discussed. These activities led to completion of a report which included an action plan for progressing the development of the master plan and tender specifications.

The Council now looks forward to progressing with Master Plan procurement/ tender, design of general aviation precinct layout, reviewing investment/grant opportunities, and aerodrome certification preparation.



Swan Hill Master Plan Workshop