We are a leading Australian consultancy for airport owners, operators, regulators, governments and service providers in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. We specialise in the safe, secure, efficient and sustainable design of airports, airport operations and airspace and we deliver innovative design solutions for complex problems.

Our work includes airport upgrades, airport safeguarding, master plans, risk management for new and older airports, wind farms, drones and airspace management. We have a local presence in key locations across Australia and the capacity to manage major and smaller projects both throughout Asia Pacific.


We deliver compliance-based solutions ensuring adherence with all aviation laws and obligations. We provide our clients with cost-efficient projects because we understand the industry and deliver real solutions from the ground up
Aviation Projects provides the following services in support of operations:

  • Aerodrome safety inspections
  • Aerodrome technical inspections
  • Transport security program audits
  • Applications for exemption from regulatory requirements
  • Safety/risk management program development, implementation and support
  • Development and implementation of tailored corporate aviation policies
  • Expert advice on operational issues, implementation of compliance programs
  • Design, preparation and management of manuals and documentation
  • Project management


High-level management is critical to successful operations. Aviation Projects understands this intrinsically and we will:

  • Provide permanent or relief airport manager and aerodrome reporting officer expertise
  • Advocate for you by negotiating on your behalf regarding service provision, fees and anything else you need
  • Provide advice on financial statements, costings and budgets
  • Project manage on your behalf
  • Train your staff
  • Execute marketing and corporate communications projects
  • Audit and scrutinise subsidy proposals and contracts for transport regulators