Aviation Projects looks at aviation from the ground up, incorporating a three-dimensional perspective in our work.

We are widely acknowledged as Australia's leading aerodrome safeguarding specialist, with a long history of informing decisions about proposed developments that may involve aviation impacts.

We acknowledge that aviation is not only affected by the actual structures but also by wake plumes, windshear, downstream turbulence, obstacle marking and obstacle lighting. There are significant legal requirements that need to be considered when preparing assessments of potential aviation impacts when seeking planning approvals and we know how to address these impacts in a comprehensive solution-focused manner.

Our work includes:

  • Pre-feasibility/fatal flaw analysis
  • Aviation safety/hazard/impact assessments or studies
  • Aeronautical studies
  • Building height assessments
  • Development application assessment
  • Obstacle lighting requirements
  • Due diligence
  • Compliance reporting of aeronautical data pre-and post-construction
  • Solar glare analysis

Wind Farms and Solar Farms

Under the National Airports Safeguarding Framework and various state and local government planning requirements, wind farm developers are required to prepare an assessment of potential aviation impacts when seeking planning approvals.

We understand how wind farms, wind turbines and wind monitoring towers pose potential aviation safety risks, and can help to resolve potentially complex airspace impacts through our extensive knowledge and practical experience.

With more solar farms being developed in an increasingly diverse range of locations, the impact of new developments on aircraft operations needs to be addressed. For aviators, this is particularly important if the proposed solar farm project site is located near an aerodrome.

Aviation Projects has extensive experience in the assessment of solar glare and other risks posed by solar farm developments.

The map below indicates the locations of wind and/or solar farm projects for which Aviation Projects has provided expert assistance.

Wind and Solar Farms - Aviation Projects

Built Environment

Buildings, communications towers, solar farms, power lines, cranes and other permanent and temporary structures can potentially affect the safe operation of aircraft at or in the vicinity of an airport.

We understand how the built environment can pose potential aviation safety risks, and can provide assurance that these potential safety risks have been identified and appropriately mitigated.