Aviation Industry Trends - 2020

Aviation Projects has identified major themes and trends in the aviation industry for the next decade.

Climate Change

Climate change is real, and the aviation industry needs to adapt accordingly. As well as reducing impacts, we need to plan for increased variability in weather phenomena, increased temperatures, rising sea levels and changing community expectations.


The world's human population is becoming increasingly aware of the impacts it is having on the Earth's general wellbeing. The social and environmental impacts of current activities and proposed developments are becoming increasingly important in comparison with economic oppportunities.

Renewable energy

The case for renewable energy production is becoming increasingly compelling. Any associated aviation impacts need to be weighed against the obvious benefits to our environment.

Stakeholder engagement

Social capital can contribute to an organisation's success by building mutual respect, allowing individuals to work together effectively to achieve a common purpose. Early community involvement in the planning stages of any new development is critical to its ultimate success, and proponents of change have a multitude of ways to engage with their communities. 

Commercial advisory

Airport owners are placing an increasing emphasis on the commercial performance of their airport assets.

Manual of Standards Part 139

In August 2020 Australia's revised Manual of Standards Part 139 - Aerodromes comes into effect. For many aerodrome operators there is a lot to do between now and then to prepare for the changes.

Urban air mobility

The explosion in size, scale and intensity of pilotless aircraft (drone) operations is bringing considerable challenges to regulators and planning authorities keen to accommodate their potential benefits. 

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