Aviation Projects is Australia’s leading airport and aerodrome specialists. We are trusted to deliver innovative solutions to complex aviation problems across Australia and the Asia-Pacific.

Aviation Projects specialises in airport planning and development, from siting studies of greenfield sites, through to progressive expansion and upgrades. Aviation Projects has the capability to develop Airport Master Plans, focused on addressing airport limitations, utilising opportunities, mitigating risks, and optimising airport strengths to future-proof the airport and its associated infrastructure.

Airports and aerodromes around the world invest in planning, development, and growth tools.

We work with all levels of government and commercial entities responsible for aerodromes across Australia and the Asia-Pacific. From master plans, upgrades, exemptions, preparation of safety cases, aerodrome safeguarding and future-proofing of infrastructure - we are across every element which turns a good aerodrome into a great aerodrome.

In Australia, all leased federal airports (except for Tennant Creek and Mount Isa) are subject to the planning framework outlined in the Airports Act 1996, which requires airports to prepare an Airport Master Plan. A Master Plan is a 20-year strategic planning document for the aerodrome, which is reviewed and renewed every five years.

Although a Master Plan is a regulatory requirement for all leased federal airports, a majority of Australia’s regional aerodromes choose to develop a Master Plan or similar airport planning documents to aid in the growth and development of the airport and associated business. We work closely with our partner AVISTRA to incorporate strategic business planning into our master planning process.

We work with clients and the community to define an aerodrome’s business and aeronautical strategy and plan for the provision and protection of the infrastructure, which can deliver upon it. This includes looking at how airports can address limitations – for example, runway width and length, or terminal capacity - to provide greater efficiency, increased aircraft size, more frequent flights, or higher usage.

We can even prepare siting studies for all types of aviation infrastructure, including runways, helipads and vertiports.

Our airport and aerodrome planning and development activities are designed to deliver cost-effective, operationally efficient, technically compliant, and future-proofed aviation solutions.

Our airport and aerodrome planning and development services include:

  • Master planning
  • Preparation of siting studies
  • Preparation of site selection studies
  • Development of feasibility studies
  • Options development and upgrade planning
  • Applications for exemption from regulatory requirements
  • Independent peer review of plans and designs before construction
  • Aircraft performance analysis
  • Planning scheme interpretation in support of development applications
  • Airspace protection
  • Aerodrome safeguarding
  • Infrastructure design
  • Capacity assessment
  • Demand assessment.