AP After Hours - Soaring Solo (Again)

AP's Specialist Consultant in Airspace Safeguarding and Aviation Safety, Peter White, has been involved with gliding clubs for many years as a glider and tow plane pilot, as well as gliding instructor. This knowledge and experience has provided Peter with invaluable insight into the aviation community, directly contributing to his specialist commentary and professional opinion on emerging renewable energy and transmission line projects and their impacts.

In order to continue drawing on these skills, Peter recently decided to update his knowledge of operational techniques and equipment, not just from a theoretical perspective, but from operational experience as well. 

Earlier this year, Peter joined his local Gliding Club and began the process of renewing his gliding qualifications. After meeting the new syllabus requirements, Peter was off flying solo again, however not just for any old “first” solo circuit, but for an hour and a half in strong thermal activity.

This coming winter, Peter will continue progressing through the Gliding Australia syllabus, and come soaring season, Peter will commence flying medium distance “cross-country” flights where the impacts of wind farms, solar farms and associated transmission lines will be prominent in his mind.

This experience will further enhance Aviation Projects’ ability to provide accurate and evidence-based assessments and reports to renewable energy proponents and enable local aviation communities to continue to operate to the necessary safety standards. 

Peter is of course also enjoying being airborne again.

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