Jupiter Wind Farm Aeronautical Impact Assessment on exhibition

Aviation Projects was engaged by Environmental Resources Management Australia Pty Ltd (ERM) to prepare an aeronautical impact assessment to satisfy the requirements of the Secretary's Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs) for the proposed Jupiter Wind Farm.

The aeronautical impact assessment prepared by Aviation Projects was for a large scale wind farm with up to 88 wind turbine generators (WTGs) with a maximum tip height of approximately 173 m above ground level (AGL).  Aviation Projects prepared the assessment in consideration of the National Airports Safeguarding Framework (NASF) Guideline D: Managing the Risk of Wind Turbine Farms as Physical Obstacles to Air Navigation, Civil Aviation Safety Authority Manual of Standards 139 - Aerodromes and International Civil Aviation Organisation Annex 14.  The advice provided by Aviation Projects included analysis of:

  • stakeholder consultation feedback
  • wind turbine wake turbulence
  • cumulative effects
  • Obstacle Limitation Surfaces
  • Procedures for Air Navigation Services – Aircraft Operations (PANS-OPS) Surfaces
  • nearby designated air routes
  • clearance zones associated with navigational aids and communication facilities
  • ATC radar surveillance
  • contingency procedures and engine inoperative flight paths
  • risk assessment
  • aerial agriculture aircraft operations
  • fire fighting activities
  • height of obstacles exceeding 110m AGL, including temporary construction equipment
  • hazard lighting and marking, including wind monitoring towers and overhead transmission lines and poles
  • obstacle lighting risk assessment
  • Airservices Australia NOTAM Office reporting
  • advice to the Royal Australian Air Force - Aeronautical Information Service

The Jupiter Wind Farm - EIS is on exhibition on the NSW Department of Planning & Environment major projects website from 30 November 2016 until 15 February 2017. 

For further information on the proposed Jupiter Wind Farm see the Department's website.

For further information about how Aviation Projects can assist with aviation safety related aspects of a wind farm proposal, please contact us.

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