In August 2023, Aviation Projects was engaged by the City of Albany and the Great Southern Development Commission to prepare a 20-year Master Plan for Albany Airport (YABA).

Following comprehensive engagement with the City, Development Commission and airport stakeholders, the Master Plan identified three (3) potential development scenarios for the Airport:

  • Code 3 Development Strategy
  • Code 4 Development Strategy
  • Code 4 (Long Term) Development Strategy.

At the Ordinary Council Meeting held on 23 April 2024, the Master Plan was formally tabled with the City of Albany, with Council endorsing the initial Code 3 Development Strategy. The Code 3 strategy involves a range of airside and landside infrastructure improvements that can realistically be implemented in the short term to support current Code 3 intrastate scheduled air transport (RPT) services and fly-in / fly-out (FIFO) closed charter services.

Albany Airport currently caters to over 60,000 passenger movements per annum via RPT and FIFO services to Perth and Booldeega, operated by Rex Saab 340 aircraft and Virgin Australia Fokker F100 / Embraer E190 jet aircraft on behalf of Rio Tinto.

The Master Plan establishes a framework for the future planning and development of Albany Airport to ensure the City of Albany achieves its strategic objectives, capitalising on the aeronautical and commercial opportunities provided by the Airport.

Subject to Government grant funding support, the City’s endorsement of the Master Plan paves the way for a major upgrade of the existing airside infrastructure at the Airport to secure critical ongoing air transport services to Albany and the Great Southern region of WA.

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Albany Airport Master Plan 2043 Endorsed by City of Albany