Aviation fuel is big business; usage has increased 68% since 2001, with quarterly fuel data showing that sales within Australia have more than doubled in the past 25 years, including strong performances in aviation Jet fuel and stable sales of Avgas (Department of Environment and Energy).

As the aviation industry in Australia continues to show strong signs of growth, supply and demand of aviation fuel will only increase. Aviation Jet fuel is often the biggest expense for an airline, or GA user to consider, and it’s important that users and suppliers receive the correct information to allow for reliable, quick, and efficient refuelling to take place.

Aviation Projects has been engaged to research and understand how aviation Jet fuel is supplied to Australia, and what the industry guidelines are to support and maintain the high standards, quality controls and safety aspects that are in place.

Aviation Projects has provided guidance and expert knowledge on a wide range of aviation fuel related topics including:

  • Safety management
  • Scoping of sites
  • Operational considerations
  • Feasibility
  • Industry trends
  • Alternative fuels
  • Supply chain methods
  • Procurement of fuels

To understand more about the aviation fuel industry, or to see if Aviation Projects can help you with your project contact us.


Aviation Fuel