Port Augusta Renewable Energy Project involved the construction of 50 wind turbines and 250,000 solar panels in the vicinity of Stirling North/ Flinders Field (YFFD), an aircraft landing area located to the east of Port Augusta township and approximately 7nm east of Port Augusta Airport (YPAG).

The ground-breaking of the project took place in October 2020, with final completion in September 2021.

Prior to the commencement of the project, Aviation Projects assisted the aerodrome operator (YFFD) to apply for a four-letter ICAO designator (YFFD). Aviation Projects also assisted them to be approved as an aeronautical data originator (ADO) and have the details of the aerodrome published as a shaded entry in En Route Supplement Australia (ERSA).

Non-standard circuit directions were introduced as part of the project, with changes to circuit operations made to ensure aerodrome operations wouldn’t be affected by the wind farm development.

CASA approval was required and subsequently granted to publish non-standard circuit directions in ERSA.

The development and publication of these flight procedures prior to the construction of the wind farm ensured that aircraft operators were able to prepare for the changes that would arise as the obstacle environment changed.

The project is now complete and operational and has created 20 permanent ongoing jobs. The project is anticipated to have a lifespan of at least 25 years, after which it will either be decommissioned or redeveloped with new technology.

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Enhancing operational safety at Stirling North/Flinders Field (YFFD)