During 2017 and 2018 Aviation Projects has been working alongside Gympie Regional Council to assist with the management of Gympie Aerodrome (YGYM), by providing airport management support, safety advice and community consultation. Aviation Projects’ responsiveness, expert knowledge, attention to detail, rigorous technical analysis and professional approach to its work has assisted Gympie Aerodrome resolve a number of ongoing safety and operational concerns. Aviation Projects remains a trusted advisor to Gympie Aerodrome.

Aviation Projects Principal Consultant Keith Tonkin has supported Gympie Aerodrome by providing the following services:

  • Conducted an operational risk review including operations inspections to identify the aerodrome’s strategic risk areas
  • Prepared an Aerodrome Operations Manual to assist Gympie Regional Council to better understand the requirements of managing an ALA under CAAP 92-1(1), providing a clear framework for ensuring a structured approach to regulatory compliance
  • Prepared aeronautical information for publication to better reflect the operational conditions of the aerodrome under CASR Part 175 as the aeronautical data originator
  • Attended stakeholder consultation meetings to assist in coordinating relevant operational information and safety risk
  • Conducted a review of future directions to identify key areas for priority infrastructure investment
  • Provided design and compliance advice for unsealed aprons and airside fencing
  • Provided expert advice on a range of safety and compliance issues
Gympie Aerodrome Management Support