King Island is located in the Bass Strait, between Tasmania’s North-West Coast and Cape Otway in Victoria.

Established in 1907, King Island Council presides over the municipality, which includes the three main townships of Currie, Grassy and Naracoopa. The council owns and operates a number of facilities and delivers a wide range of services to its population of approximately 1,600 people.

Air travel is the only means of access for people travelling to or from the island. It is also the only means of transport for high-value and/or time-critical freight, both inbound and outbound. King Island Airport is therefore a critical element of King Island’s transport infrastructure.

The recent rise in passenger numbers and freight movements revealed constraints to some elements of King Island Airport’s physical infrastructure.

King Island Council commissioned the updated Airport Master Plan to ensure the long term viability of the airport in support of its strategic objectives.

The purpose of the Master Plan is to establish a framework for the future planning and development of King island Airport to ensure KIC achieves its strategic objectives and capitalises on the aeronautical and commercial opportunities provided by the airport.

King Island Airport Master Plan