The proposed KWSF, located approximately 250 km east of Perth and 7 km from Kondinin Township, will include up to 46 wind turbine generators (WTGs) with a maximum tip height of 220 m above ground level (AGL).

Aviation Projects played a part in Lacour securing development approval for Kondinin Wind and Solar Farm (KWSF) by preparing an Aviation Impact Assessment and negotiating an acceptable outcome with stakeholders including CASA and Shire of Kondinin. Aviation Projects completed an Aviation Impact Statement (AIS), a qualitative risk assessment to determine the need for obstacle lighting and an obstacle lighting design specifying obstacle lighting plan and specifications. As part of the assessment Aviation Projects consulted with relevant stakeholders including Airservices Australia, CASA, Department of Defence, aerodrome operators and aircraft operators. The AIS includes specific requirements with regards to aerodromes, air routes, airspace and navigation/ radar.

The project site is approximately 4.5 km (2.4 nm) from Kondinin aircraft landing area (ALA) (pictured), requiring careful consideration of potential impacts and the development of appropriate mitigations in relation to aircraft flight paths and obstacle lighting.

Kondinin Wind and Solar Farm