This development was approved by the Development Assessment Commission (DAC) in June 2006. LGWFPL recently requested a variation to the previous consent to construct the 59 turbine wind farm, in part to increase the height of the wind turbines from 124 m to 150 m above ground level.

During the course of the original application, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) was consulted with respect to the proposal’s impact on aviation. CASA responded by stating that the structures, due to their height and location, would be considered hazardous objects and recommended that the turbines be designed to provide the appropriate lighting during hours of darkness and times of low visibility in accordance with Manual of Standards Part 139—Aerodromes (MOS 139).

LGWFPL engaged Aviation Projects to review potential aviation impacts and conduct a risk assessment in order to determine the requirement for aviation obstacle lighting.

The project has subsequently received all necessary government and local planning and development approvals and is moving towards the construction phase.

Lincoln Gap Wind Farm