Airports around the world invest in the master planning process, whether as a regulatory requirement or a business interest. We work with airports around Australia and the Asia Pacific to develop Strategic Master Plans that define the airport’s business and aeronautical strategy and plans for the provision and protection of the infrastructure which can deliver upon it.

The Aviation Projects team, with the support of AVISTRA, has been working with Lismore City Council to deliver a Strategic Master Plan for Lismore Regional Airport. This Plan aims to establish a framework for the future planning and development of Lismore Regional Airport.

We are working with Lismore City Council to ensure it achieves its strategic objectives and capitalises on the economic, social, health and wellbeing, resilience, and aeronautical and commercial opportunities provided by the airport.

Unfortunately, partway through our Strategic Master Planning process, work was paused. South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales were subjected to significant weather events, with the region experiencing some of the worst flooding it has ever seen.

Over the past 50 years, flooding in the Lismore region has worsened significantly. Records show a documented 31 major flooding events since 1970 in Lismore – with three of those 31 occurring since 2017.

The city of Lismore has shown significant resilience throughout this disaster, it is now our job to help them move forward by identifying and mitigating flood damage risk to current and future developments and future proof the airport.

As part of our Strategic Master Planning process, we look at how airports can address limitations, utilise opportunities, mitigate risk and optimise strengths to future proof the airport and its associated infrastructure.

It is the obligation of Lismore City Council and the Lismore Regional Airport team to plan for the future of the aerodrome for both aviation development and the community, and trust us, they are.

We are helping them plan to mitigate these risks and better support the community, both during business as usual and disaster situations. We are actively engaged with the community during this process to ensure their needs are met and incorporated into this new Strategic Master Plan.

This Plan encompasses a lot of work and details significant opportunities to mitigate these risks and future-proof Lismore Regional Airport.

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The project display picture shows an aircraft floating in the flooded waters of Lismore Regional Airport in 2022 – photo credit: Nigel Hallett.

Lismore Regional Airport Strategic Master Plan