Strategically positioned within the South-West Renewable Energy Zone (REZ), which was identified by the NSW Government due to the abundance of high-quality wind and solar resources, proximity to transmission infrastructure, relative land-use compatibility and a strong pipeline of potential projects, the Hay region is a notable location for a number or potential renewable energy projects.

Peter White recently travelled to the area to conduct site visits relating to aviation impact assessments for two proposed projects in the region, as well as attending consultation with local, government and aviation stakeholders.

Site visits provide an opportunity to properly investigate aviation safety aspects of a proposed site as well as a unique perspective of potential impacts on the project area, including topography, cropping and farming activity and surrounding flora and fauna populations. This allows for a firm judgement of the types of aviation activity that may be conducted in the area, and any impacts upon surrounding certified aerodrome’s visual and instrument flight procedures.  

Planning a site visit involves appropriate route research in order to ensure optimal visibility of the project boundary, as well as within the project area (where possible), to ensure effective coverage and safest travel routes. Once on site, a final review of the route is conducted and vehicle safety and navigation systems are checked before the inspection is carried out.

Following his inspection of the proposed project areas, Peter attended the local stakeholder meeting during which he provided invaluable insight into the potential impacts of the proposed renewable energy projects on aviation operations in the Hay region. 

Renewable Energy Projects in the Hay Region