Aviation Projects worked in conjunction with Airport Consultancy Group (ACG) and AEC Group Ltd to prepare a detailed analysis of the requirements and suitability of developing the Warwick and Stanthorpe aerodromes for future industrial use on behalf of Southern Downs Regional Council.

Consideration was given to:

  • regulatory and policy context
  • environmental protection
  • legislative requirements
  • planning controls and planning parameters for future operations
  • infrastructure and facilities
  • security
  • noise impacts
  • environmental impacts
  • heritage management
  • ground transport
  • air traffic movements
  • current and future stakeholder considerations and compatibility.

A feasibility study considered Council’s level of involvement in the development of the aerodromes, highlighting potential strategies to allow for industrial development at both locations and the possibility of developing additional hangar space for recreational users. A comprehensive stakeholder consultation plan was carried out to maximise the opportunity for the local community and aviation stakeholders to provide input, to determine existing and future demand, as well as any needs and expectations that each stakeholder may have. From this a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) was developed based on research, feedback and approach.

The results of the study will assist Council to plan for the future of the aerodromes and ensure robust decision-making about future financial investment in infrastructure and services and will provide strategic input for any funding applications and advocacy activities.

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Warwick and Stanthorpe Aerodromes