Brad O'Connor

Specialist Consultant - Airspace Safeguarding


Brad is an experienced aviation professional with a strong background in the aviation and transport industries and a passion for all things aviation.

With a Bachelor of Aviation (Piloting) and a Graduate Certificate in Aviation (Piloting) from Swinburne University, Brad combines real -world experience with up-to-date theoretical knowledge to provide comprehensive analysis of improving operational processes and creating aeronautical information products.

As a pilot, Brad has developed the ability to communicate and work under high-pressure situations, ensuring the safety of those in the aircraft and operating around it. With a strong understanding of the aviation and supply chain industries, Brad provides comprehensive analysis of improving and following processes while ensuring regulatory and safety matters are considered at all times.

Strengths include:

  • Comprehensive practical and managerial aviation knowledge
  • Passion for creating innovative solutions and products fuelled by varied experiences across multiple industries
  • Exceptional communication skills with the ability to connect with a wide variety of aviation stakeholders
  • Strong task prioritisation skills
  • Respectful and respected approach with clients, airport management and flight operations personnel and regulators.


  • Graduate Certificate of Aviation (Piloting)
  • Bachelor of International of Business
  • Bachelor of Aviation
  • Commercial Pilot licence   
  • Initial PANS-OPS Instrument Procedure Design
  • Advanced PANS OPS (PBN) Course