Advanced PANS-OPS Training

AP's specialists in airspace safeguarding, aviation safety & design Peter White and Lyn Wang recently attended an ICAO Advanced PANS-OPS course to enhance their knowledge on the design criteria for ICAO performance based navigation instrument flight procedure designs.

The course covered the most up-to-date design criteria for:

  • Baro-VNAV procedures
  • Non-precision RNP APCH procedures
  • SBAS NPA, APV 1 and Precision CAT 1 procedures
  • RNP-AR procedures
  • Helicopter Point in Space (PinS) procedures

These procedures enable GPS equipped aircraft to fly the most modern instrument approach procedures with reduced separation from terrain and obstacles and ensure safe, efficient and regular arrivals and departures at the airports they serve.

The knowledge gained from this course enables Aviation Projects to conduct accurate assessments of potential impacts to PANS-OPS surfaces based on the most modern criteria available, in areas with wind farms, wind monitoring towers, buildings and other obstacles, in order to protect airport airspace. This ensures we can provide the most accurate advice to infrastructure developers and planning authorities to enable them to understand the potential impacts to the airspace environment that arise from their proposed development.

Aviation Projects is committed to the continued professional development of our specialist consultants and ensuring we consistently deliver on our brand promise.

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