Continuing Education

During this unprecedented time, Aviation Projects has been keeping busy and ensuring we are staying up to date with industry knowledge through continuing education, webinars, and professional development. Whilst still undertaking projects for our clients, we understand the importance of diversity in our skills and increasing our knowledge of the industry.

As COVID-19 has meant the cancellation of in person events the aviation industry has quickly adapted to the current climate and team members have attended various conferences via webinars to ensure we are at the forefront of what is happening within the industry.

An increase in online learning has provided the team with the flexibility to complete courses at their own pace. Universities and higher education facilities around the world have been offering short courses online, often for the first time. Locally, TAFE campuses have offered access to a range of micro-credential courses which provide meaningful growth and upskilling to existing abilities.

Aviation Projects understands the importance of professional development and personal growth, with the team dedicating time each year to add to our current capabilities. Continuing education for the team during COVID-19 has included an Aerodrome Reporting Officer course, Sustainability in Aviation course and diversifying our business to create capability and expertise to assist airports recover post COVID-19 - see Avistra Aviation Consulting.

Whilst adapting to the changes in the aviation industry has at times been a bumpy ride, we are ready and eager to utilise our enhanced knowledge and work with clients to build an even better aviation industry.

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