Regulated Aerodromes in Australia

2020 will be a significant year for the owners and operators of aerodromes in Australia.

With the new Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (1998) Part 139-Aerodromes and supporting Manual of Standards Part 139-Aerodromes due to come into effect on 22 August 2020, many operators are considering whether to upgrade to a higher standard and transition across, remain as is, revert to a lower standard, or wait and see.

According to data published by CASA, there were 126 Registered aerodromes as at 16 December 2019, and at 04 February, there were 198 Certified aerodromes, for a total of 324 regulated aerodromes across the country (and its territories).

Given the 'Registered' aerodrome will no longer exist under the new regulatory framework, we expect the number of Certified aerodromes to significantly increase later in the year, so out of interest, we thought we'd keep a running tally on the numbers to see how things change.


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