Removal of SID 'protected area' at Archerfield Airport

Aviation Projects has been appointed project manager of the Archerfield Airport Airspace Optimisation Project, which aims to provide airspace arrangements that enable the safe and efficient operation of up to performance category C aircraft under instrument meteorological conditions 24 hours per day, and safeguard Archerfield Airport's ability to support current and future aircraft operations.

Whilst investigating the potential to reduce the minimum visibility and cloud ceiling required in order to fly a Standard Instrument Departure, Aviation Projects identified an ambiguous interpretation of the design standard (PANS-OPS) which had the effect of imposing potentially unnecessary operational restrictions on visibility and ceiling requirements, and constraining development within what is known as the ‘protected area’. After Aviation Projects queried this interpretation, Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority has directed a change that will result in aircraft being able to take-off with lower visibility and cloud ceiling, therefore enhancing the airport’s operational reliability and efficiency.

This change may also apply to other airports which have Standard Instrument Departures that include a restriction that turns must not commence before the departure end of the runway.

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Tags: OLS, PANS-OPS, Aviation Safety, Aerodrome Safeguarding, Airport Management

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