Spirit Tower Aeronautical Study

Aviation Projects has assisted Forise Investment Australia in its successful application for approval to develop a landmark 89 storey mixed used high rise apartment building known as 'Spirit' in central Surfers Paradise.

Aviation Projects prepared an Aeronautical Study in support of the development application. Of particular relevance was the obligation to ensure the development was compatible with the safety, efficiency and regularity of air transport operations at and in the vicinity of Gold Coast Airport.

The Aeronautical Study addressed issues applicable to the City of Gold Coast Planning Scheme, Queensland Government State Planning Policy and Commonwealth of Australia Airports Act 1996. These issues included:

  • Obstacle limitation surfaces
  • PANS-OPS surfaces
  • Public safety areas
  • Wildlife hazard buffer zones
  • Lighting area buffer zones
  • Noise exposure forecast contours
  • Aviation facilities including navigation aids and communications, navigation and surveillance facilities
  • air routes and lowest safe altitudes
  • controlled airspace.

Aviation Projects found that the proposed building would satisfy all acceptable outcomes for the City Plan performance criteria, and that an acceptable level of aviation safety could be maintained providing certain risk mitigations were implemented.

Tags: Aerodrome Safeguarding, PANS-OPS, OLS, Aeronautical Study, Aviation Safety

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