Stakeholder engagement workshop for Tumut Aerodrome (YTMU)

On 7 – 8 July, Aviation Projects Managing Director, Keith Tonkin visited Tumut Aerodrome (YTMU) to conduct stakeholder engagement activities as part of the process of developing an Airport Master Plan.

Our Master Plans are not only full of technical expertise, focusing on addressing airport limitations, utilising opportunities, mitigating risks, and optimising airport strengths, but they are also community-focused and inclusive.

We believe stakeholder engagement is essential to the preparation of an Airport Master Plan, as it enables effective two-way communication between parties of expectations and opportunities, as well as constraints and limitations.

While in Tumut, Keith conducted two stakeholder presentations – one to Snowy Valleys Council at the Council offices and the other to various aviation stakeholders at the Tumut Aero Club.

Both presentations involved detailing the proposed vision for the airport’s Master Plan, consolidating all research and analysis conducted as a part of the project, and input from NSW Rural Fire Service and the Forestry Corporation of NSW.

The suggested Master Plan vision built upon prior work conducted by Aviation Projects, as a part of a Runway Extension Feasibility Study and a safety case prepared in support of an application to Civil Aviation Safety Authority for approval to have a non-standard runway strip width after the upgrade.

The vision sets out the framework and preferred direction for more detailed planning and preparation of the draft Master Plan.


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