Aviation Projects is Australia’s leading airport and aerodrome specialists. We are trusted to deliver innovative solutions to complex aviation problems across Australia and the Asia-Pacific.

Aviation Projects provides support to airport and aerodrome owners and operators by delivering compliance-based solutions to aviation-related problems. We work with our clients to ensure adherence to all aviation laws and obligations, including providing high-level management relief to airports and aerodromes when required.

We work with clients, aviation regulators, local and state governments, airports, aerodrome owners and operators, industry consultants and commercial developers to provide any aerodrome operational support.

We specialise in safety and technical inspections, compliance inspections, ongoing and relief management services and the development of operational documentation including aerodrome manuals.

As part of our airport and aerodrome operations services, we also have the ability to provide high-level management and safety services. Efficient management of airports and aerodromes is critical to successful airport and aerodrome operations.

Our aerodrome operations services include:

  • Aerodrome safety inspections
  • Aerodrome technical inspections
  • Applications for exemption from regulatory requirements
  • Safety/risk management program development, implementation, and support
  • Expert advice on operational issues, implementation of compliance programs
  • Design, preparation and management of manuals and documentation
  • Project management
  • Provide permanent or relief airport manager and aerodrome reporting officer expertise
  • Negotiating on behalf of the client regarding service provision and fees
  • Provide and/or organise employee training.