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Australia and the Asia Pacific’s reliance on renewable energy sources is growing rapidly. With an increase in renewable energy hubs and zones across the nation, it is crucial to understand and mitigate any potential aviation-related issues and complexities. All renewable energy developments are required to meet aviation standards when they are located near an aerodrome or in airspace that aircraft need for their operations.

Under the National Airports Safeguarding Framework and various state and local government planning requirements, renewable energy project (wind farms and solar farms) developers are required to prepare an assessment of potential aviation impacts when seeking planning approvals.

With extensive aviation and airport experience, we understand how wind farms, wind turbines, solar farms, solar glare and monitoring towers pose potential aviation safety risks. We work with our clients, regulators, and governments to resolve potentially complex airspace impacts through our extensive knowledge and practical experience.

With more renewable energy projects being developed in an increasingly diverse range of locations, the impact of new developments on aircraft operations needs to be addressed. For aviators, it is particularly important if the proposed project site is located near an aerodrome or within navigable airspace.

Aviation Projects has extensive experience in providing aviation-related assessments for proposed renewable energy projects. The map below indicates the locations of wind and/or solar farm projects for which Aviation Projects has provided expert assistance.

Wind and Solar Farms - Aviation Projects

Renewable energy projects can impact a variety of aviation activities through the physical obstacles associated with wind turbines and wind monitoring towers, as well as downstream wake turbulence. There are significant legal requirements which need to be considered when preparing assessments of potential aviation impacts when seeking renewable energy project planning approvals.

At Aviation Projects, we have extensive experience addressing aviation impacts relating to renewable energy projects and writing associated assessments to inform planning decisions.

Our renewable energy aviation impact assessment services include:

  • Pre-feasibility/fatal flaw analysis
  • Aviation safety/hazard/impact assessments or studies
  • Aeronautical studies
  • Land and object height assessments
  • Development application assessment
  • Obstacle lighting requirements
  • Due diligence
  • Compliance reporting of aeronautical data pre-and post-construction
  • Solar glare analysis.