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The purpose of Aerodrome Spatial and Safeguarding is to assess the potential impacts of proposed infrastructure development projects on the airspace surrounding aerodromes, and navigable airspace in areas away from aerodromes, to ensure that aircraft operations are not adversely impacted.

We work with clients, aviation regulators, local and state governments, airports, and commercial developers to develop solutions for aviation safety and airspace issues. Our solutions ensure risk is maintained at an acceptable level, and ensure all aircraft operations are safe, efficient, and reliable for current and future operations.

Our Aerodrome Spatial and Safeguarding services include aerodrome safeguarding and aeronautical information management. These services aim to address community needs by ensuring the impacts of aerodromes on communities are understood and are influenced by good planning decisions.

We understand that airports, aerodromes, wind farms and solar farms are considered to be vital infrastructure and have significant economic and community benefits. Vital infrastructure needs to be properly protected over the long term to ensure their safe and efficient operation.

We believe there is a constant need for the improvement of aviation safety and airspace, specifically as technologies emerge and new regulations are formed. Some of the greatest threats to aviation safety arise in the airspace surrounding an aerodrome through commercial and residential developments, telecommunications towers, and other structures.

Poor land-use planning around airports leads to a range of issues and problems including aircraft safety hazards, operational restrictions, protracted litigation, amenity impacts for nearby residents and airport closures in extreme cases.

Where aviation safety issues have been identified or safety standards not met, we can investigate and assist our clients by developing detailed safety cases, rigorous risk assessments and treatment plans to ensure an acceptable level of safety.

We can also help to interpret and apply the Airports Act 1996 and associated regulations including the Airports (Protection of Airspace) Regulations 1997.

Our Aerodrome Spatial and Safeguarding services include:

  • Aerodrome safeguarding
  • Airspace protection
  • Building development impacts
  • Crane operations
  • Power line corridor impact
  • Telecommunications tower impact
  • Wind farms and infrastructure
  • Aeronautical information management.