Aviation Projects is Australia’s leading airport and aerodrome specialists. We are trusted to deliver innovative solutions to complex aviation problems across Australia and the Asia-Pacific.

Some of the greatest threats to safety are in places many don’t consider, such as in the airspace around commercial and residential developments, telecommunications towers, cranes, and other built structures. We understand how the built environment can pose potential aviation safety risks.

We carry out detailed assessments of proposed infrastructure development projects against the airspace surrounding airports, to ensure the safety of aircraft, passengers, and crews while in the vicinity of an airport, including take-off and landing, and to ensure the regularity of operations at the airport is not adversely impacted.

We work with clients, aviation regulators, local and state governments, airports, and commercial developers to identify potential safety risks and appropriately mitigate them. If suggested actions are taken, Aviation Projects can provide assurance surrounding the safety of a proposed project on aviation activities.

Aviation is not only affected by temporary and/or permanent structures, but also by vertical plumes, windshear, downstream turbulence, bright lighting that the built environment produces. There are significant legal requirements which need to be considered when preparing assessments of potential aviation impacts when seeking built environment planning approvals.

Our built environment aviation impact assessment services include:

  • Pre-feasibility/fatal flaw analysis
  • Aviation safety/hazard/impact assessments or studies
  • Aeronautical studies
  • Building height assessments
  • Development application assessment
  • Obstacle lighting requirements
  • Due diligence
  • Compliance reporting of aeronautical data pre-and post-construction.