New Wind Farm State Code and Guideline for QLD

Queensland's Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning (DILGP) has released the state's first wind farm code and guideline as part of version 1.9 of the State Development Assessment Provisions (SDAP).

The new code, which will commence on 22 July 2016, is intended to provide a consistent statewide approach to assessing wind farm proposals through the State Assessment and Referral Agency (SARA).

It sets out assessment requirements for the design, construction and operation of new or expanded wind farm proposals.

The code applies to all wind farm development. A wind farm:

  1. means the use of premises for generating electricity by wind force;
  2. includes any of the following that are used in connection with, or are ancillary to, the use of the premises or the construction of works relating to the use:
    - wind turbines, wind monitoring towers or anemometers;
    - buildings, storage areas, maintenance facilities and other structures;
    - infrastructure and works including, for example, site access, foundations, electrical works and landscaping; and
  3. does not include the use of premises for generating electricity that is to be used mainly on the premises for a domestic or rural use.

Development involving wind turbines that is not a material change of use for a wind farm may otherwise be assessable development under a planning instrument (i.e. local government planning scheme).

Costs and responsibility for assessing wind farm developments will shift from local governments to the state government. The majority of local government planning schemes do not include adequate provisions to address the complex characteristics specific to wind farms. Also, many councils do not have the resources or in-house expertise to assess these highly technical applications.

Aviation Projects has a long and successful history of assisting wind farm developers to achieve planning approvals for wind farm developments around Australia.

For more information about the code and guideline please contact us.

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