Sustainable Aviation can increase regional prosperity

AAM is in its infancy and, excitingly, it appears to be able to offer solutions to many existing human challenges. As it stands, existing immature capabilities of AAM are enabling remote communities to have access to lifelines through AAM such as the delivery of medical supplies in remote regions. Take a look at what the company ‘Zipline’ is achieving in Ghana and Rwanda at present (; Dropping lifesaving PPE, the drones can deliver up to 85 km away and arrive within 30 mins. 

The adoption AAM in the Asia-Pacific region needs to be carefully nursed and directed.  Historically, remote, and regional regions have often been put into the ‘too hard’ or ‘too expensive’ basket. With the advent of AAM, and through responsible leadership, we can have a profound positive effect on these communities who are traditionally underserved. The Torres Strait region of Australia, for example, is labelled ‘very remote’ and the Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA) describes 100% of the population in this region as the most disadvantaged when compared to the rest of Australia. We have the means to address this.

Innovation on its own will achieve nothing without some means to guide an idea from conception to goal. Aviation Projects aims to be a leader in this space helping bring together the innovation and regional applications. Regional Airports are a natural ground for AAM innovation to flourish and should be looking at ways to accommodate this emerging industry. Areas such as electrical charging infrastructure and renewable energy generation will go a long way to attract sustainable aviation which will increase social outcomes for the regions. Aviation Projects can also assist in identifying Government priorities and grants in line with the Australian transition to a zero-carbon economy. One part of this transition can be achieved through strategic Airport Master Planning.

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